Big Ten Ethics

Supporting the Ethics center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln represents a unique opportunity in three ways.

First, though the University of Iowa is the only Big Ten Conference school without an ethics center of some sort, there are only five schools in the Big Ten that house ethics centers whose mission is to serve the general population of the university.   The other centers have a narrow field focus (e.g. bioethics or engineering ethics) or a narrow compliance focus.   Thus, by supporting the Ethics Center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln you would place our university in the top tier of the Big Ten with respect to universities with institution-wide programming aimed to promote excellence in the educational of everyone who attends our university and those who it serves in the wider community.

Second, and related to the first point, it would not take much to put the University of Nebraska-Lincoln ahead of every other school in the Big Ten Conference in terms of housing the biggest ethics center with the most potential to influence and impact a wide array of individuals and institutions.  Your gift will go a long way toward making the University of Nebraska-Lincoln shine brilliantly above other Big Ten Conference schools and even most state and private institutions around the country.  This would help signal to others that the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is still the best value university with the best value law school in the U.S.  Thus, your contribution supports what we already know is true—the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is nothing to simply ‘fly over’.

Finally, your support shows a commitment to educational experiences infused with the importance of taking responsibility, thinking critically, and acting with integrity for those attending the University of Nebraska-Lincoln as well as those served by it.  That commitment will continue to speak volumes about you and those closely associated with University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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