Connect Your Research To Ethics & Funding

There are a number of funding opportunities for research projects that are, in some significant way, related to ethical issues.  However, it is not always obvious whether your research project bears some significant relationship to ethics or how to design such a project.   This portion of our website is meant to help you connect your research or research interests to ethics.

Please feel free to contact Assistant Director, Adam R. Thompson for more information and guidance about using these resources at (402) 472-8229 or

We've categorized ethically relevant research projects into four types. Follow the relevant link to learn about ethically relevant research that involves:

Supporting a Premise Improving Life Exploring Ethical Issues Encouraging Refelction

We've also created two things to help you connect your research interests to ethics. The first is a Checklist that will help you gauge where you're at in the process of connecting your research to ethics and to funding. The second is a guide for matching your research interests to ethics.

Checklist Guidebook