Mission, Values, Vision

Mission Statement

To highlight the importance of critical thinking and moral reasoning in ethical dilemmas and decision making and to encourage its exploration across different disciplines and methods of inquiry.


 Our core values are community-member-centered service, responsible growth, and reciprocal learning.


 Our vision is to expand our work within and beyond the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus to the broader local, national, and global communities in a manner that responsibly strengthens the university and those it serves.


Connection to the Values of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln:


The core values of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln align with ours.  They are[1]


            Learning that prepares students for lifetime success and leadership;

            Excellence pursued without compromise;

            Achievement supported by a climate that celebrates each person’s success; 

            Diversity of ideas and people; 

            Engagement with academic, business, and civic communities throughout

                        Nebraska and the world;

            Research and creative activity that inform teaching, foster discovery, and

                         contribute to economic prosperity and our quality of life; and 

            Stewardship of the human, financial, and physical resources committed to

                          our care.


Being LEADERS as defined by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln directly support responsibly strengthening the university and those it serves.  Hence, the university’s core values firmly encourage those with similar values to pursue our mission and follow our vision.

[1] University of Nebraska-Lincoln Fact Book 2014 – 2015, pp. 7

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