Fine and Performing Arts Ethics - Online Resources

[ Please be aware that some links on this page are to photographs of works of art that are graphic
and controversial. ]
  •  An Article by Erika Doss on Public Art Controversy: Cultural Expression and Civic Debate ·
     Link 1  (contains some historical case studies)
  •  A Blog Post by William Crawly on the Ethics of Acting · Link 1
  •  Art Culture's Archive for Controversial Art · Link 1
  •  Controversial Works of Art · Link 1
  •  An Interview of Paul Tackaberry by R.J. Price on The Lawyer/Critic: When Appropriation
     Becomes Copyright Infringement · Link 1  (contains a few brief examples involving actual works of art)
  •  An Article by Marcia Chambers on Artists vs. Icons, With Woods in the Middle · Link 1
  •  A Commentary by Marjorie Heins on Of Threats, Intimidation, Sensitivity, and Free Speech:
     The Muhammad Cartoons · Link 1
  •  Pay to Play by George Howard · Link 1
  •  An Article on Better Playing Through Chemistry by Blair Tindall · Link 1
  •  An Article with Video by Joel Moreno on Man Sued Over Photos of Public Art on Seattle
     Street · Link 1
  •  An Article by Kate Taylor on Artist's Daughter Wants Video Back Street · Link 1
  •  College Art Association's Intellectual Property and the Arts Resources · Link 1
  •  A Report by Patricia Aufderheide, Peter Jaszi, and Mridu Chandra on Honest Truths:
     Documentary Filmmakers on Ethical Challenges in their Work · Link 1
  •  An Op-Ed by Tyler Green on Turning a Museum into Vanity Space · Link 1
  •  A Report by Barbara Schaffer Bacon, Ceryl Yuen, and Pam Korza on Animating
     Democracy: Artistic Imagination as a Force in Civic Dialogue · Link 1
  •  An Article by Jack Becker on Public Art: An Essential Component of Creating Communities
      · Link 1
  •  An Article by Patrick Overton on Public Trust or Public Trough? The Ethics Crisis Facing
     Nonprofit, Tax-Exempt Cultural Institutions in America · Link 1
  •  A Blog Post on Ethics of Theatre · Link 1
  •  Ethics in Dance: Promoting Ethical Practices in Dance · Link 1
  •  Etiquette, Ethics, and Middle Eastern Dance · Link 1
  •  An Article by Margaret R. Miles and S. Brent Plate on Hospital Vision: Some Notes on the
     Ethics of Seeing Film · Link 1
  •  A Wikipedia Entry on Visual Ethics · Link 1
  •  A Wikibooks Entry on Visual Rhetoric/Ethics of Controversial Images · Link 1
  •  A Lecture by Garnet Hertz on Ethology of Art and Science Collaborations: Research Ethics
     Boards in the Context of Contemporary Art Practice · Link 1
  •  A Copyright Primer for the Dance Community · Link 1
  •  A Book by Jane O'Dea on Virtue or Virtuosity? Explorations in the Ethics of Musical
     Performance · Link 1
  •  A Column by Andrew Tauber on The Arguments Against Section 48: US v Stevens Case
     Poses Serious Threat to Freedom of Expression · Link 1
  •  A Column by Sandy Nairne on The Fine Line Between Curating and Promoting · Link 1
  •  An Article by Peggy J. Bowers on Through the Objective Lens: The Ethics of Expression
     and Repression of High Art in Photojournalism · Link 1
  •  An Essay by Kenneth Hanna on Public Domain Art in an Age of Easier Mechanical
     Reproducibility · Link 1
  •  An Article by Jeffrey Cunard on Moral Rights for Artists: The Visual Artists Rights Act ·
     Link 1
  •  A Lecture by Lawrence Lessig on Free Culture · Link 1
  •  An Article by Nancy Updike on Green Eggs and Lawsuits: Artists, Contracts and Money ·
     Link 1
  •  An Essay by Richard Posner on 'On Plagiarism' · Link 1
  •  Art Ethics Videos from Artists House Music · Link 1
  •  Copyright Videos from Artists House Music · Link 1
  •  A Book on Free Culture by Lawrence Lessig · Link 1
  •  An International Encyclopedia of Philosophy Entry on Ethical Criticism of Art · Link 1
  •  The Inclusion of Social Responsibility in the Visual Communications Curriculum · Link 1
  •  Institute of Museum Ethics · Link 1
  •  Americans For The Arts · Link 1  |  Animating Democracy Program  |  National Arts Policy Roundtable
  •  Art and Ethics · Link 1
  •  Center for Social Media
      · See especially their annual MAKING YOUR MEDIA MATTER Conference: 2007  
        (Including Audio and Video from Presentations and Panel Discussions)
  •  An Intelligence Squared U.S. Debate on NPR about On Ethics, Is Art Market Worse Than
     Stock Market? · Link 1
  • · Link 1
  •  Making a Difference in Dance - Ethics · Link 1
  •  Ausdance · Link 1
  •  A Syllabus (including links to online texts) by Harry S. Martin III on Legal Interests in Art in
     US & International Law · Link 1
  •  A Website by Julie Van Camp  · Link 1
  •  The Art Newspaper · Link 1
  •  International Association for Art Research's Art Law & Cultural Property Website · Link 1
  •  Art:21 Blog Post on Flash Points: The Ethics of Art · Link 1
  •  Artists Rights Society · Link 1
  •  Copyright & Art Issues Compiled by Christine L. Sundt · Link 1
  •  The Free Expression Policy Project · Link 1
  •  A Course Syllabus on Leadership & Theater: Ethics, Innovation & Creativity by Edward
     Freeman & Randy Strawderman · Link 1