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Our Physical Library
  • Research Ethics: Cases and Commentary
  • "Making Ethical Decisions" by Michael Josephson"
  • "Beyond Consent," edited by Jeffrey Kahn, Anna Mastroianni, and Jeremy Sugarman
  • "Engineering Ethics: Concepts, Viewpoints, Cases, and Codes," by the National Institute of Engineering Ethics
  •  An Article by Richard Rayner on Channeling Ike · Link 1
  •  Articles about the Stephen Ambrose Plagiarism Case:
    Link 1 (By Fred Barnes)
    Link 2 (By David Kirkpatrick)
    Link 3 (By Mark Lewis)
    Link 4 (By David Plotz)
    Link 5 (By Ken Ringle)
  •  Articles about the Doris Kearns Goodwin Plagiarism Case:
    Link 1 (By History News Network)
    Link 2 (By Bo Crader)
    Link 3 (By Mark Lewis)
    Link 4 (By David Kirkpatrick)
    Link 5 (By Doris Kearns Goodwin)
    Link 6, Link 7, Link 8 (By Timothy Noah)
  •  Articles about the Michael Bellesile Fabrication Case:
    Link 1, Link 2, Link 3 (By History News Network)
    Link 4 (By David Skinner)
    Link 5 (By George M. Dennison)
    Link 6 (By Jerome Sternstein)
    Link 7 (By James Lindgren)
  •  An Article by Jerome L. Sternstein on Historical Fraud and the Seduction of Ideas: The Poulshock Case  · Link 1 
  •  Historians in the Hot Seat · Link 1
  •  An Article by Roger W. Smith, Eric Markusen, and Robert Jay Lifton on Professional Ethics and the Denial of the Armenian Genocide · 
     Link 1
  •  Moral Fables and Cautionary Tales from the Job Market by Carla Rahn Phillips · Link 1
  •  Plagiarism Exercises (scroll down to find brief cases for discussion for undergraduates and graduate students) · Link 1
  •  A Blog Post by Shane Landrum on Historians' Ethics, Women's History, and the Infinite Archive · Link 1 
  •  A Blog Post by Jean Smith on Oral History: Sharing Transcripts with Your Narrator? · Link 1 (Click on "Case Studies" and then "Case Study Categorizations")
  •  National Science Foundation ? Interpreting the Common Rule for the Protection of Human Subjects for Behavioral and Social Science Research (several of the issues contain relevant "vignettes") · Link 1 (includes cases)
  •  American Sociological Association (each topic contains relevant cases) · Link 1, Link 1
  •  Arts & Humatities Ethics Instructional Materials ? University of Minnesota · Link 1 
  •  UNL Policy on IRB Review of Oral History Projects · Link 1
  •  Office of Human Research Protections Letter to the Leaders of the Oral History Association · Link 1
  •  An Article by Linda Shopes on Negotiating Institutional Review Boards · Link 2
  •  An Article by E. Taylor Atkins on Oral History and IRBs: An Update from the 2006 HRPP Conference · Link 1
  •  An Article by Zachary M. Schrag on Ethical Training for Oral Historians · Link 1
  •  An Article by Catherine Denial on Ethics for Historians: The Prespective of One Undergraduate Class · Link 1
  •  An Article by Phyllis A Hall on A Code of Ethics for Teachers of History · Link 1
  •  An Article by Robert Townsend and Meriam Belli on Oral History and IRBs: Caution Urged as Rule Interpretations Vary Widely · Link 1
  •  Statement on Plagiarism · Link 1
  •  An Article by Peter Charles Hoffer on Reflections on Plagiarism · 
     Part 1, Part 2
  •  An Article by Jamil Zainaldin on The Price of Truth: History, Deborah Lipstadt, and the Libel Trial · Link 1
  •  An Article by Natalie Zemon Davis and Daniel J. Walkowitz on The Rights and Responsibilities of Historians in Regard to Historical Films and Video · Link 1
  •  An Article by Linda Shopes on Institutional Review Boards are Having a Chilling Effect on Oral History · Link 1
  •  An Article by Michael Gordon on Historians and Review Boards · Link 1
  •  An Article by Luigi Cajani on Historians Under Criminal Law: EU Legislation Casts a Shadow on Historical Research · Link 1
  •  An Article on Should All Disciplines Be Subject to the Common Rule? Human Subjects of Social Science Research · Link 1
  •  An Article on Research on Human Subjects: Academic Freedom and the Institutional Review Board · Link 1
  •  A Guide by Alan Ward on Is Your Oral History Legal and Ethical? · Link 1
  •  Canadian Historical Association?s Guide to Teaching Assistants in History · Link 1
  •  An Article by Elliott J. Gorn on Why Are Academics Ducking the Ellis Case? · Link 1
  •  An Article by John R. Dichtl on Integrity and History · Link 1
  •  An Article by Ralph E. Luker on Where Do We Go From Here? · Link 1
  •  An Article by Antoon De Baets on Defamation Cases Against Historians · Link 1
  •  An Article by Antoon De Baets on A Code of Ethics for Historians (Proposal) · Link 1
  •  Plagiarism: Curricular Materials for History Instructors by Michael Rawson · Link 1
  •  An Article by Susan Mosher Stuard and William J. Cronon on How to Detect and Demonstrate Plagiarism · Link 1
  •  An Advisory Opinion Regarding Conflicts of Interest · Link 1
  •  Questions and Answers: Copyright and Fair Use by the Library of Congress American Memory Collection · Link 1
  •  An Article by Wendy Wassyng Roworth on Professional Ethics. Day By Day · Link 1
  •  An Article by Linda Shopes on Human Subjects and IRB Review: Oral History, Human Subjects, and Institutional Review Boards · Link 1
  •  An Essay by Lori B. Andrews et. al. on Constructing Ethical Guidelines for Biohistory · Link 1
  •  A Book by Mary O. Furner on Advocacy & Objectivity: A Crisis in the Professionalization of American Social Science, 1865-1905 · Link 1
  •  History Ethics Resources compiled by Sharon Stoerger · Link 1
  •  Position Papers from the American Association for State and Local History:
    The Capitalization of Collections
    When a History Museum Closes
    Repurposing a Historic House
  •  A Training Module on Human Research Ethics for the Social Sciences and Humanities - Macquarie University · Link 1
  •  National Trust for Historic Preservation · 
     Link 1
  •  Archeology for the Public · Link 1
  •  A Bibliography on Historians and Institutional Review Boards · Link 1
  •  Are Historians Biased? · Link 1
  •  Network of Concerned Historians · Link 1
  •  Crash Course in Copyright (University of Texas) · Link 1
  •  National Institute for a Networked Cultural Heritage  · Link 1
  •  National Humanities Alliance · Link 1
  •  A Syllabus on Methodology and History · Link 1
  •  American Anthropological Association · 
     Link 1
  •  A Social Science Ethics Bibliography Compiled by Sharon Stoerger · Link 1
  •  American Academy of Arts and Sciences · Link 1
  •  Resolutions and Actions of the American Studies Association · Link 1
  •  American Antiquarian Society · Link 1
  •  American Association of Museums · Link 1
  •  American Association for State and Local History · Link 1
  •  American Historical Association · Link 1
  •  Australian Council of Professional Historians: · Link 1
  •  Australian Historical Association · Link 1
  •  Canadian Historical Association · Link 1
  •  California Council for the Promotion of History · Link 1
  •  College Art Association?s Code of Ethics for Art Historians and Guidelines for the Professional Practice of Art History: · Link 1
  •  International Center for Medieval Art · Link 1
  •  National Council on Public History · Link 1
  •  National Humanities Alliance?s Basic Principles for Managing Intellectual Property in the Digital Environment · Link 1
  •  National Initiative for a Networked Cultural Heritage's Core Values · Link 1
  •  National Oral History Association of New Zealand: · Link 1
  •  Oral History Association · Link 1
  •  Oral History Association of Australia · Link 1
  •  Oral History Society · Link 1
  •  Organization of American Historians · Link 1
  •  The Royal Historical Society · Link 1
  •  The Society of American Archivists · Link 1
  •  Society for History in the Federal Government · Link 1