Center for Ethics and Social Responsibility

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Mission: Highlight the importance of critical thinking and moral reasoning and encourage their exploration across the disciplines and various methods of inquiry.

Featured Student

Lindsey EspinosaMajor: Global Studies

Ethics Bowl added dimension to how I approached moral issues that came up in other classes. While most everyone has moral "hunches" about certain topics, Ethics Bowl gave me the tools I needed to explain these hunches (or change my mind about them) and apply them to other areas of academia. Learn more about Lindsey

Lindsey Espinosa
Kyle KettlerMajor: Economics, Math, and Philosophy

The Ethics Center fostered a really open environment to confront new ideas. Student voices were welcome at the monthly “Ethical Lunch.” (the brown bag seminars organized by the philosophy department and sponsored by the Ethics Center.) Panelists always gave insightful answers to questions from students. Learn more about Kyle

Kyle Kettler