Ethics Across the Disciplines

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As part of our mission to promote the exploration of ethics and critical thinking across the discipline we host a Brown Bag Luncheon series. These monthly lunches provide an interdisciplinary forum for university faculty, students, and staff to discuss ethical issues and projects that arise or are underway throughout the academic community.

If you would like to attend and would like us to supply a lunch, please send Adam R. Thompson an email roughly seven days before the scheduled luncheon. Please, indicate any dietary restrictions.  And always feel free to bring your own lunch and/or just show up for the conversation.

Next Brown Bag Luncheon: 

Do untenured faculty have academic freedom?

Dr. Julia Schleck, Associate Professor, Department of English, College of Arts and Sciences

April Flier

2020 - 2021 Schedule


Noon-1:30pm Remote Zoom registration required (Registration Link:

at the City Campus Union on date specified in the flier for the event.

Archived Brownbags & Documentation:

March 2021
March 2021
Covid-19 Related Cancelation
February 2021
February 2021
Ethics and the Arts
January 2021
January 2021
Covid-19 Related Cancelation
November 2020
The Moral Importance of Preserving Languages and Cultures
October 2020
Quilts, Migration, and Human Rights
September 2020
Ethics Inc.: A Workshop on Incorporating Ethics 
February 2020
Journalistic Integrity in the Era of Fake News
January 2020
Academic Integrity Workshop
November 2019
Art, Design, and Social Justice
October 2019
Peace and Peacemaking
September 2019
Diversity Training: Teaching and Working with Persons who are English Language Learners
April 2019
Feeling it in Your Bones: Teaching Social Justice Concepts 
March 2019
TIn Search of the Hard to Find: Maintaining Ethical Vigor in Global Family Health Research with Marginalized Populations
February 2019
The Resurrgence of Antisemitism
January 2019
People Over Politics
November 2018
The Changing Landscape of Academic Integrity
October 2018
The Impact of Violence on Mental Health
September 2018
IA Practical Guide to Communicating and Working with People with Disabilities
April 2018
Immigration Under the New U.S. Regime - Panel Discussion
February 2018
Of Charlottesville and '*&^$hole Countries': How Race Still Operates in US Public Discourse
January 2018
The Muslim Ban: Patriotism or Xenophobia
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October 2017
Addressing Anti-Trans Violence Panel Discussion
[+View Flier]
September 2017
The Importance of Hiring for Diversity in the Academy and Beyond
[+View Flier]
April 2017
Gender in Higher Ed
[+View Flier] 
March 2017
Gun Reform and American Social Justice Movements
[+View Flier] 
February 2017
De-Canonizing Afro-Korean Connections: Coupled Ethical Considerations on Literature, Cultural Studies, and Methodology
[+View Flier] [co-sponsor: Ethnic Studies][Jessica Moore's Daily Nebraskan Story here]
January 2017
Research and Writing for Reconciliation
[+View Flier] [co-sponsor: Ethnic Studies][financed in large part by Diversity Council]
October 2016
Bystander Intervention and the Prevention of Sexual Assault: Why the Hype?
[+View Flier] [financed in part by Diversity Council] [DN Story by Christa Rahl]
September 2016
Diversity Training: Understanding Microaggressions and Privilege
[+View Flier]

April 2016
Equality for All?: Disparities in Latino Justice
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[+View Power Point] (copyright: Cynthia Willis-Esqueda) 

March 2016
Ethics in Research with LGBTQ Populations
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February 2016
Impact of Title IX on College Campuses
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January 2016
Syria: An Ongoing Journey into the Unknown
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November 2015
Ethics Bowl Team Mock Competition
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October 2015
Bystander Training with PREVENT
Week Without Violence 
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September 2015
Exploring Academic Integrity in the Classroom
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Fall 2015 Schedule
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April 2015
Ethics Bowl
[ + View Flier ]

March 2015
Social Justice and Gender Identity
[ + View Flier ]

February 2015
The Impact of Personal Narrative on Social Justice Education
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January 2015
Cultural Complexity: Ethical Considerations for the Academy in a Transnational World
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Spring 2015 Schedule
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November 2014
Ethics Bowl Mock Competition
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October 2014
Bystander Training with PREVENT
Week Without Violence
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September 2014
Exploring Academic Integrity in the Classroom:
Targeted Assignments and Course Design
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May 2014
UNL Ethics Bowl Team Demonstration
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April 2014
Navigating Cultural Conflicts in the Classroom
[ + View Flier ]
February 2014
Studying Hacking Ethically, Unethically
[ + View Flier ]
January 2014
How Do We Train Ethical Leaders Today for Tomorrow’s Business
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November 2013
UNL Ethics Bowl Team Demonstration
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October 2013
Campus Responses to Relationship Violence
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September 2013
Ethical Dilemmas
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April 2012
LGBTQ and the Campus Community
[ + View Case 1 ] |  [ + View Case 2 ]
March 2012
Copyright Issues in the Classroom, led by Paul Royster
[ + View Case ] |  [ + View Page ]
February 2012
Academic Integrity Policies for the Information Age
, led by J. Deogun & C. Riedesel
[ + View Case ]
January 2012
Political Speech on Campus
, led by Dr. Steve Swartzer
November 2011
Ethics Bowl Demonstration
October 2011
Justice, Conflict & Well-Being
, led by Dr. Brian Bornstein, Dr. Richard Wiener, & Dr. Mario Scalora
September 2011
The Ethics of Biography
, led by Dr. Rhonda Garelick
[ + View Case 1 ] | [ + View Case 2 ]

April 2011
, Led by Dr. Susan Swearer
March 2011
Diversity and Collaborative Learning
, Led by Dr. Jitender Deogun & Dr. Charles Riedesel
[ + View Case ]
February 2011
Teaching about Controversial Issues
, Led by Dr. Mark van Roojen
[ + View Case ]
January 2011
University Resources: Used or Misused?
, Led by Dr. Janice Lawrence
[ + View Case ]
November 2010
Student Privacy and Instructor/Advisor Gossip
, Led by Brooke Glenn, Kelly Payne,
and Steven Swartzer
[ + View Case ]
October 2010
Confidentiality in Hiring and Firing
, Led by Dr. Jim Van Etten and Dr. Stephen Baenziger
[ + View Case ]
September 2010
Confidentiality in Journalism and Law
, Led by Dr. John Bender
[ + View Case ]
April 2010
Climategate & the Ethics of Science and Public Policy
, Led by Dr. Tracy Frank
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March 2010
Responding to Plagiarism
, Led by Dr. Jitender Deogun & Dr. Charles Riedesel
February 2010
The Selling of the University
, Led by Dr. P. Stephen Baenziger
[ + View Case ]
January 2010
The Ethics of Double Blind Studies
, Led by Dr. Alan Kamil & Dr. Deborah Brown
[ + View Case ]
November 2009
Teaching about Plagiarism
, Led by Dr. Deborah Minter
[ + View Case ]   [ ?'s for Discussion ]
October 2009
Mentorship at a Diverse University
, Led by Dr. Helen Moore
[ + View Case ]
September 2009
, Led by Dr. James Van Etten
[ + View Case ]