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As part of our mission to promote the exploration of ethics and critical thinking across the discipline we host a Brown Bag Luncheon series. These monthly lunches provide an interdisciplinary forum for university faculty, students, and staff to discuss ethical issues and projects that arise or are underway throughout the academic community.

If you would like to attend and would like us to supply a lunch, please send Adam R. Thompson an email roughly seven days before the scheduled luncheon. Please, indicate any dietary restrictions.  And always feel free to bring your own lunch and/or just show up for the conversation.

Next Brown Bag Luncheon

How much longer will academic freedom exist, and is it worth fighting for?

Dr. Julia Schleck, Associate Professor of English 

In her new book Dirty Knowledge: Academic Freedom in the Age of Neoliberalism, Julia Schleck examines and rejects the increasing tendency to view academic freedom as a form of free speech, but highlights the problem of basing academic freedom upon employment protections like tenure at a time when they are being actively eliminated through neoliberalism’s preference for gig labor.  At the heart of academic freedom stands the social agreement that the knowledge produced by the university is worth the special freedoms and employment protections that guarantee them: with both that agreement and academic freedom both unravelling, what could a new academic freedom look like?  This brown bag will discuss the current crisis and possible solutions.

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